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2023 Elitewheels Dealer Brochure

Since early 2013, Elitewheels has been establishing a worldwide sales and service network in order to better provide for its customers. We are open to discuss any kind of cooperation, whether it be with those interested in being dealers, general distributors, sole distributors or service centers. We are committed to finding partners all around the world who can, together with us, promote our products, provide excellent customer service, as well as build the cycling community. Our hope is to find partners to join our team who are enthusiastic and see the value in our brand and wheels. If you have your own bike shop, have or would like to start a business, are familiar with the cycling market in your area, are able to fix or maintain bicycles, or are part of a bike organization or club, we would be happy to discuss the possibility of working together.

    How many pairs of wheels do you think you can sell in a year in your area? Are you able to do aftermarket service? How would you like to promote our brand in your area/city?