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About Elitewheels?

Elitewheels Co.,Ltd., founded in Sep 2013, is a dedicated carbon fiber and a variety of composite material research and development, design, production, manufacturing, sales and service in one integrated trade technology manufacturing enterprises. Since its inception, the enterprise by virtue of advanced concept and diversification of the development strategy, and constantly develop and growth rapidly for the industry’s well-known brands.
As the popularity of Elitewheels continues to grow, our business modules are becoming more and more diversified, with online sales and dealer store sales. More and more bicycle shops, trading companies, and group organizers have joined our dealers. We are also committed to developing more dealers, making Elitewheels a world-renowned brand, and aiming to build a huge dealer system of more than 300.
There are also more and more shadows of Eliewheels in major competitions. We cooperate with many excellent drivers, and based on the test feedback data of the drivers, we continue to improve the drivers to make Elitewheels a better racing wheel.

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