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CHA/Customized spoke hole angle

Customized Spoke Hole Angles

All spoke holes are drilled at specific angles to reduce stress on the the spokes and nipples. It makes for a much safer wheel.

TRD/Tubeless R angle design

Tubeless R-angle Design

All Elitewheels rims are tubeless ready and feature rounded edges to make makes tire installation easier.

Carbon Spokes

Carbon spokes are lighter, stiffer, more fatigue resistant, and can be made to be more aero than traditional steel spokes.

SIW/smooth Inside Wall

Smooth Inner Walls

We use custom made, high-pressure air bladders to make the inner walls of our rimmers smoother. This allows for a more balanced rim and prevents buildup where the nipples meet the spoke holes, effectively eliminating the chance of slippage. The bladders we use can also be extracted cleanly without leaving any residue.

OPT/one piece technology

One Piece Technology

Compared to 3-piece rim constructions, a 1-piece rim  is more technically difficult and time-consuming to manufacture produce. A 1-piece rim is up to 7% stiffer.

UNI Carbon Fiber

Our unique UNI carbon fiber is a special blend of genuine T800 and T1000 Toray carbon fiber from Japan. It allows wheels to be made stronger, lighter, and stiffer.

URT/Unique resin technology

Custom Resin

In order to produce a consistent product, we pay very close attention to production. The custom, high-temperature resin we developed use is very low in volatility, which allows us to produce wheels that are very uniform in weight, strength, and stiffness. We import genuine Toray raw carbon fiber yarn from Japan, mix in the high-temperature-resistant resin, and weave it into prepreg ourselves.

Environmentally Friendly Manufacting Techniques 

At Elitewheels, we are committed to sustainability. We use an environmentally friendly, neutral mold release agent instead of an oil-based one during rim production.

Hand Built Wheels

Every wheel we make is assembled by hand. There is no substitute to a wheel that is hand-built. Each wheel is sideloaded a total of 16 times and retrued in order to make sure your wheel is true and stays true to within 0.2mm.

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