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Unfortunately, accidents happen, but that doesnt mean you cant stop riding. At Elitewheels, our goal is to deliver the best customer service possible. That is why we offer a unique service for our customers whose wheels have been damaged by external factors such as a crash, transportation, or misuse.

What is covered under the Crash Replacement Policy?

Elitewheels offers replacement rims, wheels, and wheelsets, which can be serviced and replaced by any of our growing list of service centers. Vulnerable parts such as bearings, valves, quick releases, freehub bodies, components of the freewheel system, and brake pads are not covered.

This policy only covers structural damage that affects the safety of the product. It does not cover cosmetic damage.

Are all wheels covered under the Crash Replacement Policy?

Yes. All wheels purchased from the website are covered. If a wheelset has been modified or used with incompatible parts, both the warranty is and crash replacement will be void.

How much of a discount will I receive?

Product Wheelset Front Wheel Rear Wheel Rim
Drive Series 38% off Contact Customer Service for Price Quote and Availability.
Drive Helix Series 38% off Contact Customer Service for Price Quote and Availability.
Other Wheelsets Contact Customer Service for Price Quote and Availability.
Accessories Not Covered


Can the Crash Replacement Policy be used more than once?

Yes. It can be used as many times as you need during the 3-year period from the original purchase date of the wheelset.

 How do I get a replacement quote?

Please fill out and submit our Service Center Form . We will then contact you with your quote and how to get your repair or replacement.

* A valid proof of purchase, pictures of the damaged wheels, and the serial number(s) under the rim tape must all be submitted.

For how long can I take advantage of the crash replacement policy?

Just like our warranty, the Crash Replacement Policy lasts three years. Replacements themselves do not have 3-year warranties. The warranty and crash replacement for the wheelset ends three years after the date of the initial wheelset purchase. The period does not start over whenever there is a replacement rim, wheel, or wheelset.

What about shipping and customs duties?

The shipping under the Crash Replacement Policy is borne by the customer.

*Note that expedited shipping and shipping to certain countries may have additional customs duties.

Can I replace a broken wheel or wheelset with another?

This Crash Replacement Policy only allows for the replacement to be the same as the wheel in question.

What if my wheel is no longer available on the website?

If Elitewheels no longer makes the rim, hub, or spokes you purchased, we’ll upgrade you to the newest equivalent model at no extra cost.

Note about Policy Abuse

At Elitewheels, our goal is to provide the best customer service and satisfaction possible. We reserve the right to deny coverage if we determine in our discretion that the Crash Replacement Policy is being abused.