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rewards program

Elitewheels Customer Rewards Program

All members earn 1 point per $1 spent

Earn points by sharing your experience.

Elitewheels would like to encourage riders to help us get the word out and share their honest opinions about their experience with our customer service and the quality of their wheel purchases. As a token of appreciation, Elitewheels will offer cash discounts participants can use on their next order as well as different rewards.
Contributions include ratings, comments, reviews, photographs, videos, and articles, which can all be submitted using this (form).
For more information about the Elitewheels Rewards Program, see Elitewheels Rewards Program terms and conditions.

1 Who can participate in the Elitewheels Rewards Program?
Anyone who has registered and purchased a wheelset from
2 How can you get rewards?
Get rewards by contributing and then filling in the form below.
3 What rewards are available?
Different contributions receive different amounts of points. Reward points can be used to get discounts. They can also be used to exchange for accessories and services. Please consult the terms and conditions for more information.

Get Points

    *How many points are you applying for?

    Wheel Review URL

    Please submit pictorial evidence of your completion.

    Terms and Conditions
    By participating in the Elitewheels Rewards Program, you agree to the following terms and conditions as well as Elitewheels’ official website’s terms of use. Elitewheels reserves the right to change terms and conditions of the Elitewheels Rewards Program without prior notice. This includes the right for Elitewheels to terminate and make changes. If any changes are made to these terms and conditions, they will be posted here. You may also receive an email.

    Earn Points
    The Elitewheels Rewards Program is a free customer loyalty program that allows participants to earn points for every dollar spent on eligible product purchases. This rewards program is limited to products purchased from only. Purchases from any other channel, including but not limited to resellers, AliExpress, and Amazon are not eligible
    Participants can also earn more reward points in other ways, which are detailed in the table below. Elitewheels has the final say in determining whether or not a participant’s actions qualify for points.

    Contribution Requirements Points Max #/Order
    Make a Purchase Only for purchases within one year 1 point for every $1 spent /
    Register on / 100 1
    Rate the wheels:
    on Trustpilot or the Elitewheels official website
    Not more than one per website 200/each 3
    Write a wheel review:
    Review your purchase on Trustpilot or the Elitewheels official website
    100+ characters 100/each 3
    400+ characters 200/each
    Photo in review:
    Photos along with your review on the Elitewheels official website
    Clear photo(s) showing the unboxing, wheels on bike, or wheels during a ride 100/each 4
    If Elitewheels choose to feature the photo(s) on social media 200/each
    Video in review:
    Video showing the unboxing, wheels on bike, or wheels on bike during a ride
    Clear 15+  second video showing the unboxing, wheels on bike, or wheels during a ride 100/each 2
    If Elitewheels chooses to feature the video(s) on social media 200/each
    Instagram post:
    picture(s) /video of your wheel purchase, tagging @elitewheels_cycles, including the hashtag #elitebikewheels
    50+ Likes 300/each 5
    250+ Likes 1500/each
    1000+ Likes 3000/each
    Create/Respond to forum post:
    Including a link to Elitewheels’ official website
    About your Elitewheels wheel purchase (Reddit, Weightweenies, …) 100+ characters 300 10
    Article on your website:
    Write an unbiased article reviewing your wheel purchase on your own website of at least 300 words and 3 images. Articles with plagiarization will not be accepted. A link to Elitewheels’ official website must be included.
    Article 500 3
    If Elitewheels chooses to share the article 2000
    Article with 1000+ reads 3000
    Make and Publsih a YouTube Video:
    Make and publish a video about your wheel purchase.  A link to Elitewheels’ official website must be included in the video description.
    Video 500 3
    If Elitewheels chooses to share your video 1000
    Video with 2000+ views 5000

    Accrediting Points

    Upon the shipment of a participant’s order, points associated with their product purchase will automatically be credited to their account. The points are calculated based on the amount paid for the product in USD minus taxes and shipping fees. If a product purchased is returned, the points associated with it will be deducted.
    Those participating in the points program must submit evidence of task completion in order to receive reward points. Reward points are usually credited to accounts within 15 business days of submitting the application. Any task application that has not been approved will not result in the awarding of points.

    Points Usage Rules

    The Elitewheels Rewards Program is for personal, non-commercial use only. Each person is limited to one account. Elitewheels reserves the right to exclude or refuse any individual from participating in this program.
    For every 50 points a participant earns from the Elitewheels Rewards Program, the participant will be eligible to receive a $1 credit toward the purchase of any eligible products available on Points deductible rewards can be used together with most other discounts or offers to purchase products or services, but the amount discounted may not exceed 5% off the listed price of a product.
    Points have no cash value, are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash. They can only be used for customers to exhange for rewards and discounts on eligible products and services. Except as otherwise provided in the Elitewheels Rewards Program, points are not transferable in any way to anyone. Elitewheels may revoke some or all of the points and rewards if the participant earns them in a fraudulent or abusive manner, or in any manner not authorized by Elitewheels.
    Points are automatically invalid and deducted one year after they are obtained. In the event of the Elitewheels Rewards Program being cancelled or a participant’s account being deleted, any remaining points will be forfeited. Rewards are non-refundable. If a customer returns some or all of the items paid for with rewards points, the reward points will not be reissued.