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1000days warranty:
When you purchase wheels from Elitewheels official website (Only wheels), from the date of purchase, you are entitled to a 1000-day warranty. The warranty includes wheels, spokes, nipples, hubs, and bearings. Does not contain vulnerable parts, such as air nozzles, tire pads, skewer, brake pads, tires, etc.
If there are any product problems caused by non-external factors during the warranty period, we will provide warranty, replacement and other services as soon as possible.
We will provide maintenance and replacement services through Elitewheels’ global distributors or directly from Elitewheels’ official headquarters.

Free trial within 60 days

For all wheels [ONLY WHEELS] purchased directly from the Elitewheels store, we provide a 60-day free trial and return policy, and provide a full refund as an additional service. This only applies to wheels, meaning they can be used for free during this period. During the 60-day trial period, this service is not applicable if the wheel damage affects the secondary sales.
If you are not satisfied with the wheels of our Elitewheels within the 60-day use period, you can choose to return the wheels to the place of purchase. Transport costs and customs duties need to be borne by the purchaser.

Global service
Elitewheels is committed to building a global dealer network and building a global dealer sales and after-sales service system.
At present, it has covered more than a dozen countries. This is to better serve global customers. This allows you to purchase wheels with greater peace of mind through Elitewheels’ network.

Warranty notes:

(1) If any manufacturing defect occurs within 30 days of the date of being received, Elitewheels is obligated to replace the rim(s) and pay for the shipping cost. If any manufacturing defect occurs after 31 days and up to 3 years, Elitewheels is obligated to replace the rim(s), and the customer is responsible for the shipping costs.
(2) At our discretion, we may send a heavier-duty rim version. If we no longer make the rim you purchased we’ll upgrade you to the newest equivalent model at no extra cost.
(3) The Standard Warranty program is not transferable and only applies to the initial purchaser.
(4) Any problem found on the warranty replacement product should be claimed within 7 days after the replacement is received, otherwise, the replacement is viewed as settled. The warranty period applies to the original purchase date and does not reset with a replacement rim.

This warranty coverage DOES NOT cover:
(1) Improper assembly or maintenance, including maintenance by an unauthorized technician.
(2) Installation of parts, accessories, or tires that are not originally intended for, or compatible with, the rims/wheels as sold.
(3) Damage or failures caused by a crash, accidental damage, misuse of the product, heat damage (typically caused by the wheel sitting too close to vehicle exhaust), non-compliance with manufacturer specifications of usage, or any other fractious reasons.
(4) Use of straight gauge spokes.

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