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Klein Karoo Gravel Corridor Montagu 2023

Nov 19, 2023 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

7 Klein Karoo Gravel Corridor Montagu 2023

Experience the Klein Karoo Gravel Corridor Challenge – Montagu, South Africa

Date: November 19, 2023
Location: Montagu, 6720, South Africa

The Klein Karoo Gravel Corridor Challenge is a remarkable journey through the approximately 700km network of gravel roads that interconnects the charming small towns of the Klein Karoo. It’s a vital part of a series dedicated to showcasing the hidden gems of this region. Here, you’ll find vast, unspoiled countryside where time seems to have frozen in its tracks for the past half-century. Explore old ruins, encounter donkey carts, witness honest living, and experience genuine hospitality that adds to the allure of this area. As the sun sets, marvel at the star-filled skies and the distant calls of jackals at night. This is where magic moments are crafted.

Choose Your Route:

70km Shortcut – Kortpad 70km

Date: November 29th
Fee: $30
Surface: 100% Gravel
Distance: 70 km
Elevation Gain: 451 m
This route is designed for newcomers to gravel riding or those who are still building their fitness. It takes you downhill to Montagu with just three brief climbs to test your mettle. It’s a delightful introduction to gravel road cycling with 451 meters of ascent and 1233 meters of descent. Refreshing water points await you at the 29 and 42km marks.

100km Route – Ompad 100km

Date: November 29th
Fee: $30
Surface: 100% Gravel
Distance: 100 km
Elevation Gain: 693 m
The 100km route mirrors the 70km option but adds an additional 30km journey through the reserve. It’s the perfect distance if you’re looking for a ride that strikes a balance between challenge and enjoyment. With 693 meters of ascent and 1470 meters of descent, it ensures a satisfying ride. Stay hydrated with water points at the 29, 58, and 74km marks. Keep your eyes peeled, as this route has been known to offer sightings of Kudu, Gemsbuck, Eland, springbok, jackals, ostriches, and various other wildlife.

210km Race Route – 210km Corridor Race Route

Date: November 29th
Fee: $58
Surface: 100% Gravel
Distance: 210 km
Elevation Gain: 1846 m
The 210km Race Route is the crown jewel of the Klein Karoo Gravel Corridor, leading you through 45km of the Anysberg Nature Reserve. While there aren’t numerous climbs, the ones you encounter are short and steep. The route’s surface varies from smooth, high-speed gravel to sections that resemble cobblestones, with occasional short sandy stretches. This route offers a bit of everything, and the scenery is nothing short of breathtaking.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the heart and soul of the Klein Karoo on two wheels. The Klein Karoo Gravel Corridor Challenge awaits you, promising unforgettable adventures and breathtaking landscapes.


Montagu, 6720 South Africa + Google Map