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“Ocean Cup” China PingTan International Road Cycling Race 2023

Sep 3, 2023 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

"Ocean Cup" China PingTan International Road Cycling Race

The “Ocean Cup” China PingTan International Road Cycling Race: Uniting Cyclists for an Oceanic Adventure

The “Ocean Cup” China PingTan International Road Cycling Race is an exhilarating and prestigious annual event that takes place in PingTan County, located on the southeastern coast of China. This road cycling race has gained international recognition and attracts cyclists from all over the world, making it a true celebration of the sport and a showcase of PingTan’s natural beauty.

A Scenic Coastal Route:

The Ocean Cup race offers cyclists a scenic route that winds along the breathtaking coastline of PingTan County. Participants pedal through picturesque fishing villages, past azure blue waters, and alongside stunning beaches, creating an unforgettable and immersive experience. The route showcases the natural wonders of the region, making it a favorite among cyclists and a dream destination for those seeking an oceanic adventure.

International Participation:

The Ocean Cup race has become a prominent fixture in the international cycling calendar, drawing participants from various countries and regions. Cyclists of all skill levels, from amateur enthusiasts to professional athletes, come together to compete and share their passion for the sport. The event serves as a platform for cultural exchange and friendship, with participants bonding over their shared love for cycling and exploration.

Challenging Terrain:

While the Ocean Cup race offers breathtaking scenery, it also presents cyclists with challenging terrain. The undulating coastal roads and occasional steep climbs test participants’ endurance and skill, making it a true test of their abilities. Cyclists are rewarded with magnificent views and a sense of accomplishment as they conquer each segment of the race.

Community Support:

The Ocean Cup race enjoys strong support from the local community in PingTan. Residents line the streets to cheer on the cyclists, creating a festive and encouraging atmosphere that motivates the participants. The event also provides economic benefits to the region, as it attracts tourists and visitors, boosting local businesses and promoting tourism.

Cultural Showcase:

In addition to being a sporting event, the Ocean Cup race is also a cultural showcase that celebrates the rich heritage and traditions of PingTan County. Spectators and participants are treated to traditional music, dance performances, and local delicacies, offering a glimpse into the unique culture of the region.


The “Ocean Cup” China PingTan International Road Cycling Race has firmly established itself as a world-class event that celebrates the spirit of cycling and the beauty of PingTan County’s coastline. With its scenic route, challenging terrain, and international participation, the race has become a symbol of unity, friendship, and adventure. It not only promotes the sport of cycling but also brings together people from different backgrounds to appreciate the natural wonders and cultural treasures of PingTan. The “Ocean Cup” China PingTan International Road Cycling Race is an extraordinary journey that leaves participants and spectators alike with lasting memories and a renewed appreciation for the power of sport to bring people together.


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