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Elitewheels Becomes the Official Wheel Partner of GCN

The start of something new

Ever since we started making and selling wheels, our goal has been to provide high quality carbon wheels at a reasonable value. We have had the vision of offering wheels for everyone, whether their preferences are rim brake or disc brake, or something entry-level or pro-level. Since we produce our own carbon fiber pre-preg, carbon fiber resin, rims, hubs, and complete wheelsets all in house, we have the unprecedented ability to monitor quality control over nearly every step in the manufacturing process.

Worldwide Recognition


At Elitewheels, we come from humble roots in manufacturing. Our brand was started in 2015. We slowly added new wheelsets and worked hard to improve how rims were made. Gradually we adopted new technologies, developed new production techniques, and chose the best materials to create the wheelsets that we offer today.

Our Drive wheels as well as our other offerings have taken the world by storm. Not only have they gotten the approval of some of the most knowledgeable engineers, wheelbuilders, and cycling experts, they are now being races by multiple UCI Continental pro cycling teams around the world, being raced in not only 1.Pro and 2.Pro races, but also in the World Championships.

Meeting GCN at Eurobike


In 2023, we attracted the attention of the largest cycling YouTube channel in the world, GCN (Global Cycling Network). They are famous around the world and are know by virtually the entire global cycling community. They met us at Eurobike in Frankfurt, Germany in 2023. There we introduced our products and shared with them what makes Elitewheels different from the other wheel brands. What came next was the opportunity for us to be featured on their channel.

GCN and the Taiwan KOM Challenge

After talking with GCN during the few months following Eurobike, we discussed the perfect project to show our wheels to a larger audience. Ollie (Oliver Bridgewood), one of the GCN presenters, entered into the Taiwan KOM challenge, a world famous cycling race for the pros and amateurs alike. It is perhaps the most famous and difficult hill climb race in the world. Thousands of riders from all over the world take part to tackle the 105km route climbing well over 3,000 meters to the summit.

Since our Drive 40D wheelset weighs only 1260 grams for the pair, Ollie chose to use our wheels. He got an outstanding result, placing 26th overall and finishing in less than 4 hours! His time placed him again of even some professional riders. The video of him taking part in the event was featured on the main GCN channel, and the bike breakdown was featured on the GCN tech channel.

Channel Partnership Opportunity

After using our wheels in the Taiwan KOM challenge, GCN offered us the opportunity to become one of their channel’s wheel sponsors. We were flattered and excited for this rare opportunity to share what we have to offer with the world.

After nearly a decade as a brand, we have put in hard work and effort trying to offer some of the best carbon wheels at a value that is more affordable. Tens of thousands of hours spent on research and development, constantly improving quality control and production methods, and decades of combined experience in customer service have allowed us to get to where we are today.Our customer service, warranty, crash replacement, warehouses abroad, and worldwide service center and dealer network are all part of our plan to improve the customer experience.

About Being a Channel Sponsor

In order to support the presenters at GCN, we have provided them with a range of different wheelsets that they can use in their videos. Every month, our wheels will be featured in their videos. They will get to try out our Drive and Velo road, gravel, and TT wheelsets as well as future releases. These wheels will give them the edge when they need it in all different riding conditions.

They now have our Drive 40D and 50D wheelsets which represent excellent choices for climbing and all-round road riding, weighing only 1260 grams and 1300 grams respectively for the pair. In addition, they are using our Drive G45 gravel wheelsets which also come in at a lightweight 1300 grams for the pair. We plan to also send them wheels from our Velo line as well as future releases to show their viewers different interesting wheel options and to give them the edge when racing and riding in different challenges.