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Differences between the 29er Gnar Trail SR and PR Wheelsets

Due to popular demand, we are now offering a brand new MTB wheelset, the 29er Gnar Trail SR.

In order to offer more choices, we are expanding the Gnar MTB wheel series. It is our first MTB wheel series to feature two different hub types. Below we will dive into what makes these wheels similar and different as well as how the compare to our other mountain bike wheel offerings.



Both wheelsets feature modern rim designs. They are designed to be highly impact resistant, making them suitable for not only cross country (XC), but also for more technical trail and all mountain(AM) riding. They both feature reinforced spoke holes with 38 layers of carbon fiber, an asymmetric rim, and premium Sapim CX-Ray spokes. The reinforced spoke holes add strength to the rim. Adding additional strength is the asymmetric rim profile. It makes it possible for spoke tensions to be equal, balancing stress. The tried and tested CX-Ray spokes are considered the gold standard, and are trusted by the best wheelbuilders.

29er Gnar Trail Emtb Carbon Wheelset


While these wheels have a lot of similarities, the hubs are built for different riders in mind.

Pro Hubs

What separates the two 29er Gnar Trail wheelsets is the hub. Just like the rim, the hub makes a big difference in the ride feel. The SR in 29er Gnar Trail SR stands for star ratchet. This freehub mechanism has grown in popularity in the mountain bike community. It consists of two rugged 36-tooth ratchets that interlace, not only giving good engagement for most riding conditions, but also excellent longevity and ease of maintenance

Frequency Hubs

What makes the Frequency hub of the 29er Gnar Trail PR uses a pawl and ratchet system. Pawl and ratchet freehubs are a common and popular design with many decades of use in both road and MTB wheels. In order to better adapt this hub for the 21st century, we have engineered it for the rider who enjoys more technical riding. It features eight pawls in groups of two. This coupled with the 80 tooth ratchet allow for 320 points of engagement, just 1.125 degrees.

eMTB Riding

The 29er Gnar Trail PR has one special feature unique to our MTB wheelset lineup; it has specifically been designed with eMTB in mind. The Frequency hubs have been engineered to handle the extra torque of an electric motor, allowing riders the ability to more easily tackle technical terrain.


The final difference between the two wheelsets is the weight. Due to different hub designs, there is an 86 gram weight difference. The 29er Gnar Trail PR comes in at 1596 grams, while the 29er Gnar Trail SR weighs only 1510 grams.

Pro Wheelsets

Our other MTB wheel series is the Pro series. It uses the Pro hubs found in the 29er Gnar Trail SR. This star ratchet design comes standard with these wheelsets. There are four options to choose from, and there is something truly for everyone including both 29er and 27,5” options. The lightweight 29er Pro33 and 27.5er Pro28 feature lightweight rims designed primarily for the cross country rider. The 29er Pro36 and 27.5er Pro35 are designed primarily for trail riders.

Drive Six MTB

The Drive Six MTB is a one-of-a-kind wheelset designed for the rider who wants something different. Just like the Pro wheelsets and the 29er Gnar Trail SR, it uses our Pro, star ratchet hub. The wheelset has been designed for cross country riding.

Gravel & MTB Six Spoke Bike Wheelset

Happy riding!