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Elitewheels First Wheel Demo Event

Elitewheels First Wheel Demo Event

Later this month from July 29-30, Elitewheels will collaborate with (Trycle), a well-known bike shop based in Tokyo. The reason is to offer people an opportunity to test the Drive series road wheels.

While Elitewheels has demoed wheels before at Cycle Mode Tokyo, this marks the first time an event has specifically been scheduled to let riders try the increasingly popular wheels.

The event was officially announced on Japanese Youtuber, Compo’s channel. He made a video to explaining details of the event, whose details were also shared on his Twitter as well as Elitewheels’ Japanese Twitter and  Instagram pages. Within 4 hours of the announcement, all of the morning time slots available were already fully reserved. Cyclists looking to participate in the afternoon are still welcome, as no reservations are required after noon.

Both mornings, there will be two group rides that are each 42km in length with 400m of climbing. Each group will consist of four riders as well as Compo. They will ride from Trycle to the following locations: Renkoji Temple, Ridge Trunk, Oyamada, Nagaike Park, Yaen Kaido, Tama River, and then back. At Nagaike Park, there will be a photo shoot and break. Most of the riding will be flat, but riders will be given an opportunity to ride solo and push themselves up a climb. These group rides will take place from 9am-1pm.

The afternoon event is a free ride. It will take place from 2pm-6pm. Cyclists can show up and take the wheels out for up to 30 minutes. Registration is not required, and the demo is on a first come, first serve basis. An ID card is required for those looking to use the wheels in the afternoon.

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