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Spring Festival Prize Wheel

In order to share the holiday spirit, we are happy to announce our prize wheel event. For subscribing to receive updates from Elitewheels, you get a chance to participate in the prize wheels event.
Rewards include:

Silver : Cycling water bottle, cap, tubeless valves(2), tubeless rim rape(roll)

Gold : 65mm TPU inner tubes, spare freehub, spare spokes(10), water bottle cage

Platinum: 18% Discount Code(1), 10,000 reward points (equivalent to $200)

Terms and Conditions:
  1. Limit one chance per customer
  2. Prizes are shipped for free with a wheel purchase. Prizes without a wheelset purchase will require an additional shipping fee.
  3. The deadline for redeeming gifts is March 1st at 3pm (GMT Time).
  4. The email used to get prizes must be the same one used when ordering.
  5. If you win points during the event, they will automatically added to your account after the event ends.
  6. When you participate in this event, you agree to these terms and conditions. Elitewheels reserves the right to the final interpretation.
How to redeem:

Points: For those who win the points, they will be automatically added to the winners’ accounts within the 7 days following the end of the activity (note that the email used to participate must first be a registered elitewheels account, otherwise points cannot be rewarded)

Discount Code: For those who win the discount code, it will be displayed on the prize wheel page. Please record this number for later use. When placing an order, if you have lost it, please provide your winning email for us to check.

Accessories: If you purchase a wheelset using the winning email, accessories will automatically be shipped with it for no extra cost. If you do not purchase a wheelset but would like the accessories shipped to you, there will be an additional cost. To get the accessories, please click the link, pay the shipping fee using the below link if not also purchasing a wheelset, and leave an order note mentioning winning the prize wheel.

If you have any questions or would like assistance, please contact us at: [email protected]

1 comment

  • Robert
    Posted February 8, 2024 at 10:47 am

    Love your wheels. They are smooth and the free hub is nice and loud. Love the ceramic bearings. It’s a nice touch.

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Our Summer Sales event will officially begin on June 18th! Subscribe to receive 1000 rewards points!