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A Lightweight Carbon Gravel Wheelset for the Toughest Conditions: The G45

1 Marvel Wheelset

There Is No One-Size-Fits-All

The Marvel G35: For Those on a Budget

Due to the growing popularity of gravel riding, we have had many requests to offer lightweight carbon gravel wheels. Initially we had two offerings, the Marvel G35 and the Drive Six. Both of these carbon wheelsets have their strongpoints. The G35 was designed around the everyday gravel rider on a budget who wanted something that could perform well and was reliable.

2 Drive Six Wheelset
The Drive Six: For Those Looking for Something More

The Drive Six is a step up from the Marvel G35 in terms of performance. The stunning wheelset features a radical design with six carbon spokes per wheel. Not only are the wheels lighter, but they also offer an aerodynamic advantage due to the lower number of spokes. The carbon spokes allow for greater stiffness and increased power transfer, giving riders better handling and acceleration. They also come in a mountain bike version and can even be used with road wheels. The weight of the pair comes in at just 1480 grams.

3 G45 Wheelset
The Drive G45: For Those Looking for The Lightest Wheelset

While our riders were satisfied with the two gravel wheel options, some weight weenies pushed us to create something even lighter. After months of designing and testing, the Drive G45 was born. Despite having a rim depth of 45mm, it is one of the lightest gravel wheelsets available, coming in at a featherweight 1300 grams. Just like the Drive Six, the G45 is an all-rounder, though the G45 puts more emphasis on weight.

4 G45 Forest

Which Frames Can Accommodate the G45s?

Gravel Frames

As the G45 is a gravel wheelset, the most optimal choice of frame is a gravel frame. It is important to note, however, that not all gravel frames are the same. Some can accommodate wider tires, while others don’t have as much wiggle room. The recommended tires sizes for the Drive G45 are 700 x 30-50c.

5 G45 Internal Rim
Road Frames

Since the trend in road bikes is going towards disc brakes, many riders have asked if the Drive G45 can also be used on road bikes. The answer is YES. It can be used on disc brake road bikes as well. Though the important thing to remember is frame clearance. Some frames can accommodate wider tires, and some are more restricted. Frame geometry on road bikes is different than that of gravel bikes. Due to the 24mm internal rim width of the G45s, we recommend that the narrowest road tire used is 28mm wide, though 30mm and up would be ideal.

6 G45 Hub

Who is the Drive G45 for?

Those Who Need Something with Good Longevity

The wheelset has flawlessly passed our 20,000km rough surface lab test, which simulates gravel riding conditions. This test goes far beyond the industry standard. Elitewheels’ hub uses a double-walled waterproof design that can withstand the elements as well as ceramic bearings, which offer improved longevity as compared to their steel bearing counterparts. The wheelset’s carbon spokes are also three times more fatigue resistant than steel spokes, giving riders the assurance the bike will continue to feel brand new.

7 G45 Carbon Spokes
Those Who Need Something That Can Perform on All Surfaces

The Drive G45 is an all-rounder that can offer performance benefits for any rider. It is considerably more aero than other gravel wheels while also being one of the lightest. The high modulus carbon fiber spokes make the wheel exceptionally stiff, allowing for improved power transfer. While the wheel is specifically designed for gravel, it can also excel on the road with wider tires equipped. Thanks to carbon spokes and Elitewheels’  unique UNI carbon fiber, the G45 is far stiffer and lighter than virtually all wheelsets available. It’s versatility means you don’t need a different wheelset for your gravel and road bike.

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