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Differences Between the Team and Ultralight DRIVE Rim Brake Wheelsets

DRIVE Wheelsets

Team vs. Ultralight

In order to satisfy our customers, we are now providing two options for our DRIVE series rim brake wheelsets. We understand the everyone has their own riding style and needs. For this reason we provide both a Team version as well as an Ultralight version of our premium DRIVE wheels.

Our Team version uses more T700 carbon fiber giving it greater rigidity and strength, allowing it to be raced in the toughest conditions. It is exceptional because of it’s stability. The team version’s stiffness allows for excellent power transfer.

The Ultralight version is specifically designed to offer you the excelent performance for most racing conditions as well as for training. Whether you are climbing, in a sprint, or just out for an easy ride, the advantages of this wheel are apparent. The lower rotating weight allows for faster acceleration as well as faster climbing.

Vertical Stiffness Results
Drive vertical stiffness chart

Radial stiffness determines how much the rim squashes under weight as well as how widely the rim distributes force to the spokes below the hub. The more radially stiff a wheel, the more spokes will share the load and the less than chance the bottom spoke is to buckle.

Lateral Stiffness Results
Drive lateral stiffness chart

Lateral stiffness  shows how well a wheel resists bending sideways. It controls how much the rim deflects or deforms while under side forces.


Both wheelsets have the same rider weight limit and are of the utmost quality, just like all other wheels in our lineup. The only differences between the Team and Ultralight DRIVE wheels are in stiffness and weight. The difference in weight is 85 grams for the two wheelsets.

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