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Assessment of BWT By Korean James Son

Born in South Korea, James son fell in love with riding bicycle two years ago. He toured 633km from Seoul to Busan, Korea that year. He is not a professional rider but rides freely with his friends from the club in his spare time. He rides several hours almost every week.

In the mean time he starts making videos. He opened a channel in Youtube to make videos about riding(such as bike building and bike maintenance skills). HE said that  in Korea his friends often talked about Chinese products, but actually they do not know much. So he wants to do some assessments in a more impartial perspective. That’s why he contacts us.

He took part in our Youtuber discount plan of BWT series in Nov. 2021. He built up the bike below with our BWT wheel sets and a frameset from another Chinese brand Yoeleo.

He thought that BWT was very light stiff. “The freewheel sounds nice and gorgeous”


BWT is an innovative wheel set, it has a number of performances such as stability, multi-function, fast speed and bursting. Ideal for climbing and multi-purpose roads or gravel. BWT is an undulating wheel rim, ranging from 42mm-45mm. This is a design more in line with the principles of aerodynamics.

You can check out his unpacking video here: Elite BWT Disc 45 Carbon wheelset Unboxing 엘리트 BWT 디스크 45 카본휠 언박싱! 3호기에 비싼 휠을 달아주려고 합니다 ^^ – YouTube

We look forward to more of his works. Of course we hope more riders from South Korea will know and trust our brand.

If you are a youtuber in riding field and has interest in knowing about our brand cooperation, please leave your message here:


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