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Elitewheels Signed With David Cachon As His Sponsor

Recently Elitewheels had signed a contract with Spanish rider David Cachon and become his sponsor in 2022 officially. Elitewheels is a Chinese brand focusing on the development and production of carbon wheels since 2013. Our goal is to change the way you think about carbon bike wheels by delivering premium products at radically fair prices. In the new year, David will have a deep cooperation with Elitewheels and bring more adventures of riding to fans of Elitewheels.

David fell in love with bicycle at a very young age. He started practicing disciplines such as Trial and BMX, he loved jumping, the feeling of freedom and speed that the two wheels gave him. During his youth he took Biketrial seriously and managed to be a two-time World Champion of this sport. During that period, he already got to know Mountainbike during a trip to the United States (Lake Tahoe) and fell madly in love with this sport and with all the sensations it gave him.


David rides every day, he loves to connect with the bicycle, he thinks that it is a therapy and a way of life for him. David was twice World Champion in the MTB category, and He also has a Guinness Record for drop off bike jump.

In 2022, David will use Drive 50D and 29ER PRO36 from Elitewheels to start his journey of adventure, We hope to accompany him to explore a broader world.

Drive 50D has the performance of an aero wheel set, but only the weight of a climbing wheel set. The wheel set is only 1300g, which is an amazing weight. It has excellent control performance which is a sharp weapon for the rider.

The 29ER PRO36 is a almighty mountain bike wheel set, offering you exceptional performance and great reliability. With 2.8mm offset, the actual measurement increases the average tension of the spokes and makes the whole rigidity of the wheel set stronger.