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Recommend Tire Pressure for DRIVE G45

Gravel wheels have larger tires than road wheels. As a result, they require lower pressures in order to deliver a comfortable riding experience. Having wider tires can also provide greater confidence in the rider as they can provide more grip.

Choosing the ideal tire pressure is not as simple as looking at the width of the tire however. Rider weight is one of the most important factors in choosing what is best for you. What works best for one rider may not be the best for you. For the 24mm inner rim width, G45 wheelset, we recommend you use the right pressure based on your weight as well as the tire width you are using. The table below has our recommended pressures. Feel free to make small adjustments to this number based on personal preferences, your riding habits as well as the terrain you ride in.

Recommend Tire Pressure for DRIVE G45

Note: The pressures on these charts are for tubeless tires.

Warning: For maximum pressure, please always refer to the information given by the tire/rim manufacturer. Never exceed the maximum tire pressure indicated.

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