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The First Production Full Carbon Gravel Wheelset

No brand on the market has tried combining carbon spokes with gravel bike wheels. Elitewheels is the first brand to make such an attempt, bringing lighter weight, faster speed and better climbing performance to the field of gravel riding. This Innovative Drive G45 is born on the foundation of our unique UNI technology, which is lighter but with better performance.

Flyweight of G45

1.Lightweight: 1300g for 45mm Gravel wheelset

The Drive G45, is designed to not only be aerodynamic but also lightweight. It is an all-rounder for those who want the edge over the competition whether they are racing or going for a KOM.
The wheelset comes in at just around 1300 grams. With 45mm deep rim profile, these wheels are in a league of their own when compared to others on the market, which tend to be in the 1500 gram range. The use of our custom carbon spokes as with our specially developed UNI carbon fiber puts the G45 on the leading edge of bicycle wheel technology. Elitewheels has truly re-invented the wheel. The flyweight of the G45 makes it one of the best climbing gravel wheelset you can find when riding steep, long climbs a lot.

Elite Flyweight of DRIVE G45

2.Stiffness: Carbon Spokes

The high tensile strength and stiffness of carbon spokes gives the G45 wheelset improved acceleration and maximum power transfer. The difference in feel when out riding is easily apparent.
Another advantage of carbon fiber spokes is the higher fatigue strength. Spoke elongation and loss of tension over time is reduced when compared to steel spokes. In the long-term, carbon spokes are both more durable and maintenance free.

Elite Flyweight of DRIVE G45

3.Aerodynamics and Crosswind Stability

As opposed to traditional front and rear wheels using 24 steel spokes, our use of 20 carbon spokes in the front and rear has a few advantages. The reduction in spokes decreases the effect of aerodynamic drag, letting you ride faster. It also offers the additional benefit of increased stability in crosswinds.
In addition to the aerodynamic benefits of the spokes, our U-shaped rim design further reduces the effects of crosswinds. This U design with a 24mm inner rim width has the additional benefit of being able to accommodate wider tires, giving the rider a more optimal contact patch, reducing rolling resistance and increasing grip.

Elite Flyweight of DRIVE G45

4.Perfomance Hubs with Ceramic Bearings

All of our hubs have been tested beyond the industry standard, the equivalent of riding 20,000km under load.
The use of ceramic hub bearings requires higher precision hub manufacturing. Our high precision hub as been specifically designed to use ceramic bearings. The high concentricity of the hub and bearing reduces rolling resistance and increases durability and longevity.

Elite Flyweight of DRIVE G45

5.Carbon Weave

The G45 wheelset uses a unique carbon weave pattern resembling a raw carbon finish. The superior qualities of a carbon fiber wheel can not only can be felt while out on a ride but also visible to the naked eye.

Elite Flyweight of DRIVE G45


All of our carbon spoke wheelsets have undergone real world black diamond and gravel road testing. The G45 wheelset has passed the 20,000km rough surface factory/laboratory tests without a hitch. This test goes beyond the industry standard. It effectively simulates long-term riding in gravel.

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Our Summer Sales event will officially begin on June 18th! Subscribe to receive 1000 rewards points!