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Jose, A Keen Cyclist From Philippines

The 19-year-old Jose Fernando M. Lutrania rides bicycle almost everyday, he likes to explore everywhere on his bike. He said that it was a great pleasure to ride with his friends. Jose started cycling as early as 2018, his first bike was fixed gear. He started building his own road bike in 2019. Over the past years, his passion for cycling has grown a lot.


Jose is also keen to take part in some cycling competitions in Philippines. The latest match is in Cebu 3 weeks ago, he was in 6th place overall and 3rd in 2nd stage, 3rd in 3rd stage. And on December 5, he became the champion in the 80km road race in Mindanao.

He uses Elitewheels’ BWS to attend the competition(BWS has been upgraded to BWT.The biggest feature of BWT is its undulating rim shape, ranging from 42mm-45mm, which improve the stability greatly. )He said that Elitewheels wheel sets were perfect for racing, which were quite different from the wheels he used for training. The bearing of BWS rotates very fast and smoothly. He thinks that Elitewheel’s wheels are cost-effective and reliable.


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