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What’s The Value of Carbon Fiber Wheel Sets

For some riders, especially racers, the appeal of carbon fiber wheels is almost irresistible. Professional racers have been using carbon fibre wheels because it saves a lot of time and power. But does that mean carbon fibre wheels are worth the money? Carbon fibre wheels are at the top of the market because of the promise of improved strength and performance for cyclists. There was a high price to pay for these advantages. But in recent years, the market for carbon fiber wheels has grown so rapidly that consumers have gained a new understanding of the aerodynamic properties of wheels.

Twenty years ago, when carbon fibre was too expensive, unproven or even unreliable, how many riders would have foreseen that carbon fibre frames would dominate?Value for money, or just hype?

The benefits of carbon fiber composites are well known, where the material’s lightweight and high strength account for most of its appeal. Indeed, the introduction of composite rims in the 1990s provided a major leap forward in wheel design and manufacturing. The impressive high specific stiffness of composites means that even at a fraction of the weight, carbon fiber sets can easily match (or even exceed) the performance of aluminum wheel sets in terms of lateral and radial stiffness. At the same time, composite materials provide great freedom for final product processing. In recent years, the price of carbon fiber wheel has gradually decreased and more and more new wheel brands have participated in the market competition.

Elitewheels has been building its own factory and brand since 2013. With its innate manufacturing and technical advantages, Elitewheels has always been providing the market with high performance and cost-effective quality wheels.Consumers have more options than expensive big-name carbonwheels. After more than two decades of development, concerns about the strength of carbon-fiber composites used in bike frames have abated. Similarly, confidence in carbon fibre wheels is growing. Still, CFRP is vulnerable to impact damage, so owners should be aware that repairs can be expensive in the event of a crash or potholed run-in that damages the rim. This may be the big drawback of CFRP, not only the high cost of acquisition, but also the high cost of maintenance and replacement.

While cost is taken into account, a surprising number of MTB riders, including downhill riders, are already using carbon fiber rims, which is enough to show that carbon fiber wheels can appeal to other riders as well as aerodynamically demanding racers. 29ER PRO33 is the best-selling Elitewheels MTB wheel set. Why is it selling well? —-27mm inner width wheels can meet most tire needs, 2.1”-2.7”can be used. The wheel weight is only 1350g. PRO33 is a pair of fully functional wheels, which can meet most of XC riding and also meet occasional all mountain needs.

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