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What about RAC wheel?

What about RAC wheel?

RAC has served in an intercontinental team for two years. It has exceeded 200 races and achieved many good results. The 45mm depth rim has a very good performance in both sprint and climbing sections. 18mm inner width, standard can be matched with 700 * 25C tires and 700 * 28C tires, can be installed with clinicer & inner tube.tubular and tubelss tire.

The hub of the RAC is the biggest highlight. The front wheels have 18 holes, and the distance between the holes reaches 80mm. This makes the front wheels maintain a high level of spoke tension, and the driver has no pressure when passing through corners at high speed. The rear wheel is 21 holes, drive side 14 holes. Non-drive side 7 holes.

All the details of the RAC are from the feedback of the team riders. The rear wheel drive side is a traditional j-bend, while the non-drive side is a radial. There is a very clever design on the freebody. The positions of the Flange and Chain have almost reached their limits All drivers are the key to winning the race at the final sprint. This ingenious design can improve the sprint power transmission during the sprint, which is very important. This is exactly what a RAC wheel is all about from racing drivers.

The front and rear hubs of the RAC are made of ENDURO ABEC 5 bearing, with 6902 bearing in the front wheel and 4 pcs of 6902 bearing in the rear wheel.

What’s about ENDURO ABEC 5 bearing?

Comparing Enduro with other brands of ABEC 5 bearing, no one can offer the same quality as Enduro at a close price. The balls are made of chrome steel. These Grade 5 high-precision balls have a true roundness error of only 5 / 1,000,000 “. Compared to the Grade 25 balls used by Shimano and Campagnolo in their high-end products, Grade 5 has 5 times the accuracy. The smaller the number of the ball, the closer the ball is to the true circle. What does ABEC 5 mean? ABEC 5 is a type of bearing standard. It regulates that each bearing needs to pass many tests to meet the requirements of the specifications, including high-speed noise testing, precision of inner and outer diameters, ball roundness, and ball race precision. Huai degree and surface smoothness of the above components. Although there are only two levels literally compared to ABEC 3, they are actually much stricter specifications.

The ball race is 52100 high carbon chromium alloy steel with vacuum degassing method, and the hardness reaches Rockwell hardness C-62 degrees.


The retainer is made of graphite-containing nylon and has almost no friction.

The shaft seal is designed with ‘SRS’ (Snap Ring Seals). This is a special design we adopted in ABEC 5 grade bearing, which can reduce the rotation resistance as much as possible while maintaining the tightness of bearing . Such a mechanism is called an axial seal design. Compared to most shaft seals, which are perpendicular to the joint surface, this shaft seal is a parallel device. The flat part of the inner surface of the shaft seal is metal joined to the inner race. On the platform, the shaft seal will be sealed to prevent water and dust when the water and foreign substances invade, and will have the slightest resistance during normal rotation.

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