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RideNow Inner Tube

For a long time, the only inner tubes available were made from butyl and latex. Now there is a new kid on the block, TPU. There are several distinct advantages to TPU inner tubes, specifically regarding their weight(or rather lack thereof), air retention, puncture protection, rolling resistance, environmental sustainability, size, can be patched, similar installation difficulty, rotational weight, best value for money upgrade.

Please note that the unit price is for one pair of inner tubes (including 2PCS).

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Product name Ridenow ultra-light road bicycle inner tube
Specification 700×18/32C (recommended scope of application)
Material Special TPU
Weight 24g/36g
Valve length 65mm/85mm detachable valve, supports rim brakes/disc brakes.
Features Small size, light weight, good toughness, cost-effective.

This inner tube cannot be inflated a lot when it is not installed in the outer tire, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage!

Please use a manual air pump instead of high-speed air filling equipment such as air compressors or pumps.

Before inflating the RideNow tube, turn the valve inward (towards the center of the tire circle). Inflate a small amount until the inner tube is round; this
pressure should be less than 0.5 bar/8 PSI.

Tire inflation pressure must not exceed 5 bar/72PSI When using rims with a no-ring-lip system according to ISO/TC 31.

Every 3° (5°F) increase in temperature would increase the tire pressure by about 1%.

If you inflate the tires in a cool garage in the morning (18°C / 65°F) and ride later at higher ambient temperatures (35°C / 95°F), it may result in an increase in inner tube pressure (e.g. 0.5 bar/8 PSI).

Especially when riding on high temperature black asphalt pavement with temperature exceeding 65°C (150°F), the tire pressure may easily exceed the allowable maximum value. In addition, too high tire pressure can cause the tire to break away from the rim during cycling, which can result in the risk of injury.

If pneumatic tires are stored at 60°C (140°F) or higher (e.g. in a car in hot weather), deflate the inner tube to 1 bar/15 PSI to avoid valve deformation.

RideNow Inner Tube

RideNow Inner Tube

What sets TPU tubes apart from other options is their sheer performance. They are 2-5 times lighter than butyl and latex inner tubes. This is compounded due to the fact that rotational weight matters more for riding in general. They offer rolling resistance that is much better than butyl tubes. Along with high quality wheels and tires, they are among the best upgrades you can make to your bike. Our tubes are available in 24g and 36g options.

RideNow Inner Tube

RideNow Inner Tube

Repairability and Maintenance
Unlike latex inner tubes, TPU tubes can hold air for weeks, rather than a day. They offer the best puncture resistance, and in the case that it needs to be repaired or replaced, it is just as easy. They can be patched like other tubes or simply replaced. They fit much more easily into a jersey pocket or saddle bag, saving you space and weight.

RideNow Inner Tube

RideNow Inner Tube

Environmentally Friendly
Many cyclists choose to ride bikes for the environment. One issue that has persisted is that butyl and latex tubes cannot be recycled. For those seeking to have their cake and eat it too, TPU inner tubes not only offer significant advantages when it comes to usage, repair, and performance, they are also the most environmentally friendly, as they are fully recyclable.

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