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Join us at the Sea Otter Classic 2024


Sea Otter

This April, Elitewheels will be going to Sea Otter. For our first appearance at the biggest bike show in North America, we will be bringing a wide range of our carbon wheels, including our newest Drive Helix.

Visit Us at Our Booth

Dates: April 18th-21st from 9:00am-6:00pm (21st until 2pm)

Address: Laguna Seca Recreation Area1021 Monterey Salinas Highway,Salinas,CA 93908

Booth #: Y13

The Wheels

In order to offer something for everyone, we will be bringing road, gravel, TT/triathlon, and MTB wheels. Let’s take a closer look at the wheels we will have on display.

Drive Road

Our most popular wheelsets to date are our Drive road wheelsets, which are used by our 6 sponsored UCI Continental pro teams. They are ultra lightweight, feature replaceable carbon spokes, ceramic bearings, and are all UCI approved. They come in multiple rim depths. They are available in both disc and rim brake versions. We will be bringing our Drive 40D(1260g), Drive 50D(1300g), and Drive 50V(1315g).

Drive Helix Road

What makes the Drive Helix wheels unique is their undulating rim profiles, our brand new hub design, improved carbon spokes, and TPI ceramic bearings. They are also lightweight and UCI approved, just like our popular Drive wheels. They are our first ultra-premium wheelsets. We will be bringing our Drive Helix 46D and Drive Helix 57D.

Velo Six Disc

Just like the Drive Helix road wheels, the Velo Six Disc is unique. It features a monocoque, full-carbon rim and a star ratchet hub with ceramic bearings. The wheel is stiffer and more aero than traditional spokes wheels. It is an option for riders who want something for both road and TT/triathlon.


Our Pro MTB wheels are tried and tested. They have been used in the UCI MTB World Championships. They feature star ratchet hubs. We have both 27.5” and and 29er wheels. Whether you ride XC, Trail, AM, or Enduro, we have something for you. We will be bringing our 29er Pro36 and 27.5er Pro35.

Gnar MTB

In order to give those who enjoy technical MTB and eMTB riding the perfect wheel, we decided to create our own hub with as high of engagement as possible. The 29er Gnar Trail PR features and pawl and ratchet hub with 320POE (1.125°). The wheelset is versatile as it is designed for XC, Trail, and AM riding.

Drive Six MTB

Just like our Velo Six Disc wheelset, the Drive Six MTB is a wheelset that will turn heads. It uses a monocoque full carbon rim design and a star ratchet hub. It has been designed for XC mountain biking. There is also a gravel version. We will be displaying the Drive Six MTB version.

Drive Gravel

Just as our Drive Road wheels have gained popularity, so have our Drive G45 CS and Drive G45 SS gravel wheelsets. The CS version uses replaceable carbon spokes and weighs only 1300 grams for the pair. The SS, or steel spoke, version comes in at 1370 grams. The G45 is UCI approved and is the ultimate performance gravel wheel. We will be bringing the carbon spoke version.

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