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New Gravel Wheel: The G45 SS With Steel Spokes

In order to cater to the needs of more riders, Elitewheels has released a new gravel wheelset. It is the first Drive wheelset to feature steel spokes. What makes the wheelset special is that it still retains most of the benefits of the carbon spoke version.

New Grave Wheel

The Differences


What separates the two wheelsets are the different spokes. The Drive G45 CS with carbon spokes will have a different ride feel. Its carbon spokes are threaded just like traditional steel spokes, making them easy to replace. Elitewheels included 4 spare spokes with every wheelset to make replacements even easier. With a growing service center network, this has never been easier.

The Drive G45 SS with steel spokes is also a great choice for gravel cyclists as it uses Sapim CX-Ray spokes, which have been proven time and time again to be some of the best high performance steel spokes available. They are also easy to replace and are ubiquitous.

Both wheelsets have a same number of spokes as well as a same spoke pattern for the front wheel. The G45 SS has 4 additional rear spokes to create a wheel whose stiffness is on par with the carbon spoke version.

G45 SS With Steel Spokes


Because of the different spokes used, there is a weight difference. Gravel cyclists who focus on climbing performance would be best choosing the G45 CS with carbon spokes, as they lighten the wheelset by 70 grams, which can add up over long rides and big climbs. While the steel spoke version is also considered to be light, the carbon spoke version takes things to the next level.

G45 SS weight


One overlooked feature of carbon spokes is their ability to make a wheel stiffer. This means better power transfer, which can save you watts whether you are riding at 100 watts or sprinting at 1000 watts. The Drive G45 CS with carbon spokes is 7% stiffer as compared to the steel spoke version.
While the Drive G45 SS version has additional spokes, the Drive G45 CS is laterally stiffer.

Drive G45 SS weight


The Similarities

Quality Carbon: Both the Drive G45 with carbon spokes and allow spokes have a lot in common on paper. They are both ultra lightweight carbon gravel wheelsets. They both make use of UCI carbon fiber, which is Elitewheels’ custom carbon fiber prepreg that uses genuine Japanese Toray carbon fiber.

Drive G45 SS similarities

Advanced Manufacturing: Both of the Drive G45 models both use the same advanced manufacturing techniques. Custom bladders contribute to making the rims free of voids and excess resin, allowing for excellent compaction and strength. This makes for a safe gravel wheel.

Drive G45 SS advanced manufacturing

Quality Control: Just like all of Elitewheels’ offerings, both G45 wheelsets undergo strict quality control during production, ensuring no problem is overlooked. This means that riders can be rest assured their gravel wheels are up to spec.

G45 SS quality control

Strict Testing: While the Drive G45 wheelset is UCI approved for racing, we feel the test is not enough to truly demonstrate the perfomance and quality of a wheelset. For this reason we have conducted more than a dozen other tests measuring trueness, strength, stiffness, hub and wheel longevity, max spoke tension, tire inflation, etc…

Drive G45 SS strict testingExcellent Performance: Both wheels are excellent when it comes to performance. The 45mm rim depth and bladed spokes offer a distinct aerodynamic advantage. They are also much lighter and stiffer than other gravel wheels. The wheels are rugged and designed for competitive racing.

New Grave Wheel The G45 SSPremium Hubs: In order to get the most out of the mixed ceramic bearings, Elitewheels designs and machines each hub using 5-axis Fanuc CNC machines with 0.02mm tolerances. This feat of engineering allows a perfect fit reducing rolling resistance and significantly improving bearing longevity.

New Grave Wheel The G45 SS

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