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A Comprehensive Wheel Set: BWT

Ideal Wheel Set for Climbing

If you need a wheel set for climbing and multi-purpose roads or gravel, we strongly recommend you to use the BWT series. BWT is an innovative wheel set, it has a number of performances such as stability, multi-function, fast speed and bursting.

Undulating Rim Shape

The biggest feature of BWT is its undulating rim shape, ranging from 42mm-45mm, which improve the stability greatly. This is a design more in line with the principles of aerodynamics, thereby reducing aerodynamic drag and improving stability in crosswinds. When you go downhill quickly on a winding mountain road, you can control your steering more easily.

Meanwhile, the undulating rim shape also plays a crucial role in the side rigidity of the rim. Therefore, the side strength of the BWT is 17% higher than that of the ordinary shape rim. This means that BWT disc45 has better spoke tension performance and higher power transmission value. BWT wheels will bring you a faster and more confident riding experience.

Hub Design

The second highlight of BWT is the hub design. The flange distance of the front hub is maximized to 78mm, which makes the center of gravity of the front wheels more centered, giving the front wheels a good balance at high speeds. It will be easier to control the accurate angle when cornering. The rear hub has a large flange design with a flange diameter of 74mm. Combining with Elitewheels’ CHA drilling technology, with a good spoke angle design, it can increase the driving force arm and improve the driving efficiency of the wheel set.

Rim Type

Another bright spot of BWT that can not be missed is the rim type. We design an R angle, the rounded edge makes tire installation easier and offers increased support during hard cornering with a softer edge and larger surface area.

BWT carbon wheel set is a comprehensive wheel set with undulating rim shape, high performance hubs and excellent rim type. It will bring you a brand new riding experience connected with fast speed, bursting, perfect stability and easy handling.


Check this review video from Sherry, you might get more information you need:

Installing my first road bike wheels

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