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How Can I Get Product Sponsorship From Elitewheels?

Free product sponsorship:

For brand development, Elitewheels is happy to work with riders who have great influence and marketing ability on social media. You can submit your sponsorship application and marketing plan through our website. After the review is passed, we will provide product sponsorship for free.

We also have a budget to sponsor professional riders and teams active in major competitions. Not only the competition results and potential, but also the rider’s cooperation degree and influence on social media and community will be taken into account. We want to sponsor riders who are familiar with our brand.

Furthermore we will give priority to riders who can provide us with excellent pictures and video materials time to time.


Influencer discount:

If you have an interesting video creative marketing plan or other plans, you can also apply for a discount on a product by submitting your plan through our website. We will evaluate your project to determine the extent of discount.

We will have 10 openings to encourage fans interaction each month.


Please submit your application through the following link:

Sponsorship Request

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