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About Tubeless Tire Leakage

Why is My Tubeless Tire Losing air?

Generally, when you first use a new tubeless tire, it may lose some pressure after riding. That’s because there are often small defects in the tires that allow air to escape over time. It is recommended that you inflate the tires and take them out for a ride.’ While the wheels are being ridden, the sealant is forced into all these holes and seals the tires. This process may take several rides to happen.

If your tire loses more than 10psi pressure overnight, it is recommend that you increase the tire pressure and ride once more. This will usually seals the tire just fine.

If you can feel the air coming out of the side of the tire, please be aware of sealant leakage. In some cases, a tire may flatten overnight becayse there is an issue with the seal. In this instance, the tire may need to be re-installed.

Here are the four most common reasons for why this may happen:

1.Tubeless rim tape can sometimes be disturbed during tire installation,It is usually caused by applying too much force with the tire lever. In this instance, remove the tire, clean the interior or the rim and reattach the rim tape the rim to form a good seal. It is recommended to clean the rim using isopropyl alcohol and allow it to dry completely before fixing the rim tape,

2.Your tires may be incompatible with tubeless or be either too tight-fitting or too loose on the rim.

3.Your valve stems may not be installed correctly. Remove the valve for closer inspection and re-attach to the rim.

4.There is not enough sealant. Pour more sealant through the valve core or detach part of the tire to pour more sealant in and reinstall the tire.

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