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What’s The Recommended Tire Pressure For The Best Road Tire Performance?

The cycling power loss of the wheel set is a holistic thing, start from every angle, we do our best to enable the customer to improves the riding time maintaining the same heart rate on the road he rides every day after switching to Elitewheels wheel set.

Therefore we start from every detail: the rolling coefficient of bearings, the tension of spokes, the wind-breaking of rims, the rigidity of wheel sets and so on. But we should not neglect the most important part, having the right tire pressure is a key factor in getting the best out of your wheels. We have compiled a list of tire pressure recommendations that are more suitable for you through extensive testing of SLT, King,BWT and DRIVE.

Firstly, the most important thing is, please check the max recommended tire pressure on the side of the tires and do not exceed this value.

60kg rider
Tire dimension – front wheel tire pressure – rear wheel tire pressure
23mm – 95/102 psi
25mm – 91/96 psi
28mm – 86/91 psi

70kg rider
23mm – 98/104 psi
25mm – 93/98 psi
28mm – 89/94 psi

80kg rider
23mm – 99/105 psi
25mm – 95/100 psi
28mm – 90/95 psi

90kg rider
23mm – 104/109 psi
25mm – 99/104 psi
28mm – 94/100 psi

Normally the max tire pressure of the tires we use is 120psi, but we think riders get their best performance below 110psi.

Tubeless tire

Please make sure you install the tubeless properly and seal it properly.
All of Elitewheels wheel sets’ tubeless designs are based on actual riding sensation and power loss values, you may need to spend some efforts in installing tubeless, but it’s definitely worth it.
Tire dimension – front wheel tire pressure – rear wheel tire pressure
60kg rider
23mm – 86/91
25mm – 83/88
28mm – 78/83

70kg rider
23mm – 90/95
25mm – 84/89
28mm – 81/85

80kg rider
23mm – 93/97
25mm – 88/94
28mm – 84/88

90kg rider
23mm – 94/97
25mm – 91/96
28mm – 87/92

The above tires pressure is for smooth road, of course you can make slight adjustment based on your riding style,road and specific tires.
On bumpy road you need to lower the tire pressure again.
You can increase the tire pressure on the smooth indoor track.