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Carbon spoke wheelset PE series

This is a disruptive wheel set that creates a higher performance advantage of the carbon wheel.

Carbon spoke wheelset

Carbon fiber spokes have higher stiffness and higher tensile strength, and the lateral response is 7% higher than that of the same steel spokes, and the high frequency vibration absorption capacity of carbon spokes is stronger than that of steel spokes. It can provide better aerodynamics and excellent stability, allowing you to have an advantage in full sprint and high-power climbing.

Carbon spoke wheelset

Elitewheels PE series carbon spoke wheelset,both front and rear hubs use S&S ceramic bearings,ceramic bearings further increase hub rolling efficiency with lower rolling resistance.At the same time, the non-driving side of the front and rear hubs have bearing pre-tightening side covers.

The PE carbon spoke series has both rim brake and disc brake versions.

DISC brake has three different rim heights,40mm 45mm 50mm. 21 holes on the front wheel and 24 holes on the rear wheel. The hub is also the latest high-precision, high-performance large flange hub developed by the Elitewheels team in 2021.

Carbon spoke wheelset

The weight of DISC PE 40 is 1260g, the weight of DISC PE 45 is 1280g, and the weight of DISC PE 50 is 1300g. The wheels of disc brakes all use the latest Elitewheels, and the lightest UNI is the standard rim. This will be the lightest disc brake wheel set currently.

As for the rim brake wheel set,rim brake has two different rim heights,40mm 50mm. the high-temperature carbon fiber T800 material is used, and the weight of PE40 is 1300g. The weight of PE50 is 1367g.

Carbon spoke wheelset

The front wheel has 18 holes and the rear wheel has 21 holes. Ceramic bearings and high-performance large flange hubs are also used.

This will be the trend product of carbon fiber wheels in the future. The power transmission value of carbon spoke wheelsets is much greater than that of ordinary steel wire wheels.

We continue to improve from every detail, and finally present the best product in 2021, PE carbon spoke wheelset.


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