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Singapore Rider Sherry Got New Elitewheels

Lately, Singapore rider Sherry received a pair of Elitewheels BWT RXL45. She made a video about how she installed the new wheels and introduced the appearance and performance of the wheels. In the video, we found that her old wheel made a noise when it turned, after she installed her new wheels, the noise was gone. Sherry was so happy and satisfied with the new wheels. The next morning, Sherry rode her bike with new wheels to cycle through beautiful Singapore.

The new wheels in this video are Elitewheels BWT RXL45. BWT is an innovative wheel set, it has a number of performances such as stability, multi-function, fast speed and bursting. Ideal for climbing and multi-purpose roads. The BWT is a 45mm deep undulating rim, the undulating shape improves the rigidity and stability of the wheels. In general, the BWT is a wonderful wheel set that you can not miss.

To buy the same wheels as Sherry’s, please click here Elitewheels BWT RXL45.