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What differs AERO bake side from normal brake?

What differs AERO bake side from normal brake?

The normal brake side adopts crystal polishing technique, when handling with brake side, we use crystal to grind the surface of brake side, making the surface of brake side much more rough, so when you are braking the bike, the brake sides connect completely, with being not slippery and no additional sound.

AERO brake side adds surface drainage tray on the foundation of crystal brake side, which can make sure the safety of riding on the wet and slippery road. But there is one shortcoming in that case, for the contact area of brake pad and brake side is less, which is easy to consume the brake pad.

Currently, we have 4 various AERO brake sides, respectively A1, A2, A3, A4. What are their differences?

First of all, we recommend A1 brake side, for its drainage, brake performance and durability are the best, compared with the other 3 brake sides, arc-shaped drainage tray is also suitable for different tailored carbon fiber grains, eg. UD/3K/3K TWILL/6K TWILL/12K/12K TWILL and Basalt.

A2 performs the best in brake, but its weakness is to consume the brake pad fast. And A2 is only for UD weave.

The brake performance of A3 and A4 are average, they can use on many types of weave and do not consume brake pad fast.

Please pay close attention that clean brake pad without delay after riding on the wet and slippery road, or there will be some tiny sand attached on the brake pad, which will easily destroy the surface of brake side, with the result the surface of brake side is over abrasion.

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