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The Technology of Gnar MTB Wheels

Frequency Hub

Frequency Hubs

Without a doubt, the most defining feature on the 29er Gnar Trail is our brand new Frequency hub. This hub is a one of a kind that takes the concept of high engagement to a new level. Designed and manufactured by Elitewheels, this hub features 320 true points of engagement (1.125°). The four groups of two pawls with 80 ratchets means almost instant power transfer. The benefits of such high engagement are most obvious on technical trails.

In order to extend the life of the freehub, each pawl features two claws, spreading the driving force over a larger surface area.

Asymmetric Rim Profile

In order to make a more stress-balanced and stronger wheel, Elitewheels has designed the 29er Gnar Trail to have an asymmetric rim profile with a 3.5mm offset. An asymmetric rim allows for the spoke tensions on both sides of the wheel to be equal, as opposed to traditional wheels. Traditional wheels require roughly 40% less spoke tension  on the non-drive side due to braking forces. A mismatch in spoke tension causes a wheel to be weaker and less reliable. Lower tension spokes are prone to loosening over time.

Gnar Trail Rim

Reinforced Spoke Holes

Precise nipple bed thickness strong nipple seats are a defining feature on the 29er Gnar Trail. Each one contains 39 layers of carbon fiber. There is a misconception that carbon wheels are weak. We would like to change your mind. Each spokehole has a pull-through strength of 349kgf(770lbf), making them incredible strong.

Advanced Production and Quality Control Process

Elitewheels employs many cutting edge wheel manufacturing methods to produce quality wheels. We manufacture our own resin and carbon fiber pre-preg using genuine T700 and T800 carbon fiber. Our rims are free of wrinkles and voids due to our unique process and custom air bladders during the molding process, allowing our wheels to be not only strong, but also light.

Each wheel is carefully tracked throughout the production process by each worker who is involved in a wheel’s production.  This is in order to ensure there are no manufacturing defects.

Large Bearings

In order to improve the durability of the bearings and to reduce rolling resistance, the 29er Grar Trail Frequency hubs feature larger bearings. The front hub and rear hub use 6903 bearings, and the freehub uses 17287 bearings.

Hookless Tubeless

The Gnar Trail 29er features hookless tubeless rims. Tubeless tires offer better traction, lower rolling resistance, more comfort, and no risk of pinch flats.  Hookless rims are stronger, lighter, and provide a more aerodynamic system when paired with hookless tires.

Gnar Front Wheel


In order to appeal to the needs of trail, CX, and AM riders, we have designed the 29er Gnar Trail to be more radially compliant. It is commonly thought that carbon MTB wheels are harsh. The truth is that not all carbon wheels are created equal. We have designed this new wheelset to be more radially compliant in order reduce harshness without sacrificing lateral stiffness for efficient sprinting and precise steering.


If there is one thing that is true about EMTB, it is that having pedal assist can be fun. Obstacles and grades that were difficult before can now be conquered with ease. We have designed the 29er Gnar Trail to be used on standard eMTBs. The rear wheel’s reinforced spoke holes in order for it to handle the increase in torque. Both wheels have received additional reinforcement to make them stronger when confronted with obstacles.


At Elitewheels, we pride ourselves in developing premium wheelsets. We try to best cater to the needs of fellow riders. We have the resources, experience and know-how to produce super light MTB wheels, but we see rider safety and and reliability as more important. We want our riders to enjoy the wheels without having to worry about it’s strength and durability.

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