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Pro Cycling Race Report of April, 2024

In the month of April, all six of our sponsored UCI Continental pro cycling teams participated in races. The following is a summary of their top performances.

Tour of Turkey

In this year’s Tour of Turkey, also known as the Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkiye, both China Glory – Mentech and EQ Mazowsze Serce Polski competed. This race was unfortunately cut short to seven days rather than the initially planned eight due to poor weather conditions. The race started in the city of Antalya and finished in the capital city of Istanbul

In this Pro.2 race, riders from both teams secured good results. On stage 2, from Kemer to Kaş, Xianjing Lyu got 7th overall in a sprint finish after 190.6km of riding and 2917 meters of climbing. Rider Reinardt Janse Van Rensburg managed to get 6th on stage 5 from Rodrum to Kuşadasi, in another sprint.

From EQ Mazowsze Serce Polski, rider Marcin Budziński got 8th on stage seven from Çeşme to İzmir, and got 13th in the overall GC getting 20 UCI points. Fellow rider Michał Pomorski also got 6th in the KOM category.


Tour of Thailand

Also known as the Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s Cup Tour of Thailand, the Tour of Thailand was a six-stage race that took place from April 1st to the 6th. The race started in Phitsanulok and finished in Si Thep Historical Park.  Both China Glory – Mentech and 7Eleven Cliqq Roadbike Philippines participated.

On stage 1, a flat course from Phitssanulok to Sukhothai Historical Park, China Glory’s Zhen Li got 8th in the sprint, closely followed by fellow teammate Lucas de Rossi. Later on stage 4, a mountain stage  with 1539 meters of climbing from Phitsanulok to Phetchabun, De Rossi, Haoyu Su, and Changsheng Sun got 4th, 5th, and 8th respectively in small spring group. The next day, on stage 5, a flat stage from Phitsanulok to Phichit, rider Yutao Shen got a respectable 2nd place. Li Zhen managed get get another top result, getting 6th on stage 6 from Phichit to Si Thep Historical Park. De Rossi managed 12th in the overall GC.

China Glory - Mentech

Tour of Mersin

Just like in the tour of Turkey, both China Glory – Mentech and EQ Mazowsze Serce Polski went head to head. This Turkish stage race began in Anamur on April 4th and finished in Mersin on the 7th. On the first stage from Anamur to Yanışlı, taking place on April 4th, Polish rider Marcin Budziński managed to get 2nd, edging out two riders from China Glory Mentech, Xiangjing Lyu and Willie Smit, who got 3rd and 4th respectively.

Budziński continued his rain be getting an impressive 5th on the second stage, from Gülnar to Mersin (Soli Pompeipolis),and 3rd on stage 3, from Tarsus to Ayvagediği, which ended in a mountaintop finish, where Lyu finished in 4th, just seconds behind after 95kim of riding and 3259 meters of climbing.Two more riders from the Polish team, Norbert Banaszek and Tobiasz Pawlak got 2nd and 4th in the final stage, with rider Reinhardt Janse van Rensburg getting 8th.

Budziński from EQ Mazowsze Serce Polski got 1st in the overall GC, scoring 40 UCI points. Lyu and Smit from China Glory – Mentech got 5th and 6th respectively, accumulating 35 UCI points. Mazowsze Serce Polski was the highest ranked team, gaining 2:19 overall 2nd, Bike Aid, and 4:32 over China Glory – Mentech.

EQ-Tour of Mersin-1

Circuit des Ardennes April 4-7

Sponsored team, Sabgal – Anicolor participated in the 50th Circuit des Ardennes. The team’s new rider, Mathias Bregnhoj managed second overall on stage 2 from Auvillers-les-Forges to Hardoncelle, 10th on stage 3 from Charleville-Mézières to Aiglemont, 11th on stage 4 in Sedan, securing 2nd place in the overall GC and scoring 30 UCI points for the team

Sabgal - Anicolor

Belgrade Banjaluka

This year’s Belgrade Banjaluka took place from the 17th to the 20th of April.Our sponsored Slovenian team, Sava Kranj Cycling, started doing more racing outside of Slovenia and took the race by storm. Rider Mihael Stajnar 4th on Stage 1, a flat course from Doboj to Banjaluka. He then got 2nd on stage 3, from Višegrad to Jahorina. He magaged to get 3rd overall, with fellow rider Jaka Marolt getting 7th, scoring 30 UCI points for the team.

Oceania Continental Championships ME – ITT

Benjamin Dyball from the Japanese team, Victoire Hiroshima, got 3rd overall in this year’s Oceania Continental Championships ME – ITT. It was a 20.2km time trial that he finished in just 25:57with an average speed of 46.615kph. He scored 40 UCI points.

Oceania Continental Championships ME – Road Race (CC)

Just like in the ITT race, Benjamin Dyballof Victoire Hiroshima performed well, getting 12th overall. scoring 35 UCI points. The race consisted of 2271 meters of climbing over 139.5km. Riders rode up Mount Crosby a total of five times.

Victoire Hiroshima

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