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The BWT RXL45 is a truly innovative wheelset. Due to it’s lightweight, stiffness, and aerodynamic properties, it is truly an all-rounder that is ideal for climbing, riding on the flat, as well as gravel riding.

It features an undulating rim design. The undulations on the front and rear rims are slightly different as the airflow on the front wheel(40-45mm) is greater than that of the rear(42-45mm). The undulating design also significantly improves stability in crosswinds, giving the rider more confidence while descending or riding in windy conditions. Due to the shape, it is 17% stiffer than an ordinary wheel of an equivalent rim depth.

The wheelset comes standard with Sapim CX-Ray spokes. The wheelset also comes standard with Elitewheels series hubs, which uses ceramic bearings and incorporate a high flange design for increased lateral rigidity. DT Swiss hubs are also available.

Please note that it will take 20 days to prepare orders for BWT RXL45 wheelsets due to their high demand.


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Series BWT RXL45
Wheel Size 700c
Tire Compatibility Clincher/ Tubeless
Rim Depth 45mm
Inner Width 19.5mm
Outer Width 28mm
Front Hub Spacing QR x 100mm
Rear Hub Spacing QR x 130mm
Bearing S&S Ceramic
Brake Compatibility Rim Brake
Freehub Type 6 pawls
Freehub Compatibility Shimano
Front Spoke Pattern Radial
Rear Spoke Pattern Radial/2X
Spoke Count 20F/24R
Spoke Brand Sapim CX Ray
Nipple Type Sapim Secure Lock
Assembly Method Handbuilt
Extras Rim Tape(Installed), Tubeless Valves, Quick Releases, Brake Pads(2 sets)
Weight (Pair) 1550±30g
Rider Weight Limit 275lbs/125kg
Recommended Tyre Sizes 700 x 23-33C
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Elitewheels BWT RXL 45mm Rims

Elitewheels BWT RXL 45mm Aerodynamic wheels Rim


BWT wheels use both genuine T800 and T1000 Toray carbon fiber. Both types of fibers have different properties and strengths. The number of layers, type of carbon fiber, location as well as their direction have all been carefully chosen. The result of this design and complex manufacture is an exceptionally strong and lightweight wheel.

BWT’s unique undulating rim design is specifically designed to be aerodynamic. The design has another benefit, which is to reduce the effect of crosswinds, giving the wheelset increased stability. Riders can feel confident in windy conditions like never before. The BWT RXL45’s 28mm outer rim width reduces rolling resistance, as tires on a wider rim roll faster.

The rim’s outer width of 28mm can accomodate a variety of tires ranging from 700*23C to 700*33C.

Elitewheels BWT RXL 45mm Brake surface

Elitewheels BWT RXL45 brake suface


BWT RXL45 brake surface uses a mixture of 270 degrees celsius high temperature resin and T800 material, perfect for long descents. It also features a grooved brake track allowing for improved braking performance, making descending and city riding much safer in wet conditions delivering similar performance to wheels with aluminum brake tracks.

Elitewheels BWT RXL 45mm Hub

Elitewheels BWT RXL45 Hub


The 78mm flange spacing in the front hub give the front wheel exceptional balance at high speeds giving the rider better control while cornering.

The rear hub design incorporates a 74mm, large diameter hub flange. This combined with Elitewheels’ CHA(Customized Spoke Hole Angle) drilling technology allows the wheel to be very stiff, both laterally and torsionally for greater power transfer.

Elitewheels BWT RXL 45mm Transmission system

Elitewheels BWT RXL 45mm Aerodynamic wheels Transmission system


The BWT RXL freebody uses ceramic bearings and features 6 pawls, separated into two groups of three to speed up engagement. This amounts to a total of 72 points of engagement. This makes for better durability, as well as faster acceleration out of corners and an improved ability to transfer power.

Elitewheels BWT RXL 45mm Rims Type

Elitewheels BWT RXL 45mm Rims


BWT wheels make use of Elitewheels’ TRD (Tubeless R-angle Design). This design uses rounded edges to allow for effortless tire installation. All of our rims are tubeless compatible.

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Elitewheels BWT RXL45

Is there an internal nipple option?

Which brands’ freehubs are compatible with BWT RXL45 wheelsets?

Are brake pads included? Can I use break pads from other brands?

Are ceramic bearings easily broken?

What does the rider weight limit include?

What tire pressures should I run?

How strong are your carbon rims? What happens if I break one?

Where can I find information on ordering and shipping?

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