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Good News! New After-sales Service Center In Brazil

Good news! We had a new after-sales service center in Brazil

Recently, we signed a contract with Sartorio Bikes to confirm that he who has more than 10 years of experience in bicycle mechanics provides maintenance and after-sales service for Elitewheels users in Brazil. For all the after-sales service in the warranty period and the scope of the warranty, you can contact the nearest repair center.

Service objects:

All original buyers of Elitewheels

*secondary buyers do not enjoy free maintenance service.

Scope of service objects:


Service Content

For products within the warranty period and within the scope of warranty service, Elitewheels will offer update, repair and inspection service for free with our service policy; And products beyond the scope of warranty service will be provided with paid repair services in accordance with our service policy.


Update spare parts and accessories such as hubs, spokes,nipples and so on.

Replace bearings, nipples, hub parts, rims and so on.


Check the spoke tension, the balance of the rims and so on
You can send them to designated service center in Brazil.


If any products need to be replaced or repaired due to quality problems in the

warranty period, there is no need to bear any costs, nor any shipping costs.
If replacement or maintenance is required after the warranty period, the

maintenance fee and shipping fee should be paid by the owner.

For specific cost please consult [email protected].

Elitewheels official after-sales service center in Brazil
Phone: 55 21 981531803

Email: [email protected]

Address: Av.Roberto Silveira, 473 – Apto 1202 – CEP:24230-153


Please contact [email protected] for information before sending to the service center.