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Velo TT: A Whole New Disc Wheel

Velo TT Wheel

The Velo TT

This year we decided to revamp our disc wheel offering to be used in time trials and triathlons. The change in design is not limited to just the new carbon weave.

Velo TT Rim

Keeping what works

At Elitewheels, we seek to offer something for all riders. We feel that it is up to the riders whether or not they want to use rim brakes or disc brakes. The overall weight to the frame is just as light as before as well as it’s high precision hub and enduro bearings. The high-density aerospace PMI foam core is has also been kept due to its numerous benefits. PMI (polymethacrylimide) offers everything a honeycomb type core does but with added strength and impact resistance. Our specially machined PMI allows to a lighter, stiffer wheel. The material itself is fatigue resistant, letting it retain its properties years down the road.

Velo TT Valve Cover

Marginal gains

In order to cater to the adoption of wider tires, the internal rim width is now wider to accommodate wider tires. It makes for a more comfortable experience on a longer time trials as well as lower rolling resistance. We have also incorporated a valve cutout cover that can be used. Wind tunnel testing has shown that in a time trial race, it can save precious seconds.

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