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TT Disc Brake Bundle

When it comes to time trialing, precious seconds saved can make a difference. This package is the union of our two our most aero offerings, the Velo TT Disc and the Velo 8 .

*Instructions for the first assembly: Tubeless tires must be ridden for at least 25 km directly after the sealant is added so as to ensure they are air tight.

*Please note that it will take approximately 30-45 days to prepare orders for TT Disc Brake Bundle wheelsets with due to their popularity.


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Wheel Size 700c
Tire Compatibility Clincher/ Tubeless
Brake Compatibility Disc Brake (Center Lock)
Extras Tubeless Valves(Installed)
Weight (Pair) 2105±80g
Rider Weight Limit 285lbs/130kg
Recommended Tire Sizes 700 x 23-33C
Intended Use Time Trial & Triathlon
Front Wheel
Rim Depth 82mm
Inner Width 18.5mm
Outer Width 28mm
Hub Spacing QR x 100mm / 12 x 100mm
Front Bearing S&S Ceramic
Front Spoke Pattern 2X/Radial (2:1)
Spoke Count 21
Spoke Type Sapim CX-Ray
Rear Wheel
Inner Width 18.2mm
Outer Width 25mm
Rim Profile Asymmetric
Hub Spacing QR x 135mm / 12 x 142mm
Rear Bearing Enduro
Freehub Type Ratchet System 36T
Freehub Compatibility Shimano / SRAM XDR
Certification CE Certified

TT Disc Brake Bundle Wheels Synergy

TT Disc Brake Bundle Wheels Synergy


Our philosophy is that wheels should be complimentary. For this reason, we have created a complete time trial and triathlon wheelset.
Our Velo TT Disc wheel comes as the result of our years of research and design into aero time trial wheels. It is our next-generation offering is designed to provide marginal gains, saving you precious time.
The Velo 8 is an 82mm, deep-section wheel that builds off what we have developed before. It is our solution for what a high-performance TT wheel should be.

TT Rim Brake Bundle Aerodynamics

TT Disc Brake Bundle Wheels Aerodynamics


While disc wheels are accepted as being the most aero choices, not all are made the same. The wheel comes with a new valve hole cover that makes the wheel even more streamline.
It is well known that the wheel, tire combination can have a significant impact on aerodynamics. The Velo TT Disc and Velo 8 are both designed to optimized to be used with wider road tires. To get the maximum aerodynamic benefit, we recommend they are used with 23mm or 25mm tires.

TT Rim Brake Bundle Tech

TT Disc Brake Bundle Wheels Tech


The Velo TT Disc is a next generation TT wheel that offers more than just aerodynamics. Its specially machined high-density aerospace PMI core not only serves the purpose of making the wheel light, but also exceptionally stiff. As opposed to the typical honeycomb-type core used in many disc wheels, the PMI core allows it to be stronger and more resistant to impacts. It is fatigue resistant, meaning you can continue to use it season after season without any drop in performance.
The Velo 8’s hub features 6803 ceramic bearings to reduce rolling resistance, saving you watts. The wheel also incorporates a U/V rim profile that isn’t strictly focuses on aerodynamics. Deep section wheels are more susceptible to crosswinds. Having this design will help you maintain control regardless of the conditions.

In order to provide riders with the best wheelsets, we seek to update and improve them as technology advances. Elitewheels reserves the right to change, add or remove the information contained on this website at any time, including equipment, specifications, models, colors, materials, and pricing, without prior notice. The shipped products will be based on the actual order information. Elitewheels thanks you for your understanding and support.

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