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27.5er Pro28

Weighing an impressively low 1233g, the 27.5er Pro28 is a force to be reckoned with. It is strong, light and compliant, making it perfect for cross country and gravel riding. It is also excellent for climbing even the steepest of gradients. The wheelset features a ratchet hub and Sapim CX-Ray spokes.

*The 27.5er Pro28 wheelset has not been designed for eMTB riding. Please kind note that riding that goes beyond the scope intended for this wheelset will void its warranty.

From: $739.00

* After placing the order, an email will be sent to you, please confirm the order details carefully. If you have any questions, you can directly reply to the email.


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Series 27.5er Pro28
Wheel Size 27.5″
Tire Compatibility Clincher/ Tubeless
Rim Depth 24mm
Inner Width 22.5mm
Outer Width 28mm
Rim Profile Asymmetrical
Offset 2.6mm
Bead Type Hookless
Assembly Method Handbuilt
Rim Finish Glossy Marbled
Max Tire Pressure 50psi/3.4bar
Extras Rim Tape(Installed), Tubeless Valves(Installed)
Weight (Pair) 1233g+(See FAQ Data information)
Rider Weight Limit 275lbs/125kg
Recommended Tire Sizes 1.9″-2.3″
Intended Use Cross Country / Gravel
ERD 553mm
Front Hub Spacing QR x 100mm / 15x100mm / 15x110mm
Rear Hub Spacing QR x 135mm / 12x142mm / 12x148mm
Bearing TPI
Brake Compatibility Disc (Center Lock/6-bolt)
Freehub Type Ratchet System 36T
Freehub Compatibility Shimano / SRAM XD / Micro Spline
Front Spoke Pattern 3X/3X
Rear Spoke Pattern 3X/3X
Spoke Count 28F/28R
Spoke Type Sapim CX-Ray
Nipple Type Sapim Secure Lock

XC Wheels 27.5ER PRO28

XC Wheels 27.5ER PRO28


  • The Pro28 comes in at an ultralight 1233g for the pair. This allows for superior acceleration in cross country competitions as well as an advantage on steeper sections.
  • The inner rim is 22mm wide, supporting 1.9”-2.3” tires.
    The rims are hookless, and extra rolled carbon fiber is added to reinforce the bead area, providing improved impact resistance and a significant boost in strength.
  • With Pro28’s 2.6mm offset, the spoke tensions on the drive side and the non-drive side have been made similar. This effectively improves the riding stability and cornering.

XC Wheels 27.5ER PRO28 color


Elitewheels 27.5ER PRO28 Rims

Elitewheels 27.5ER PRO28 Rims


During the rim production process, internal inflatable bladders from a special material are used to produce smoother walls, resulting in a lighter rim. These bladders are then completely removed without the use of harsh chemicals through the valve hole. Our unique manufacturing process makes is so that the rim does not have to be patched to extract the bladders like traditional manufacturers. This significantly improves the strength of the rims.

Elitewheels 27.5ER PRO28 Rim type

Elitewheels 27.5ER PRO28 Rim type


The rims are asymmetrical. This allows for equal spoke tension which creates a stronger wheel that stays true.

We use both genuine Toray T700 and T800 carbon fiber which is superior to generic carbon fiber used by many manufacturers. The two types of carbon fiber are used in different places to increase the wheel’s strength to weight ratio while reducing lateral and radial forces as well as increasing impact resistance.

The rims have also been specifically designed to make sealing tubeless tires using a floor pump easy.

Elitewheels 27.5ER PRO28 Hub

Marathon and long-distance mountain climbing wheels Elitewheels 27.5ER PRO28 Hub


The Elitewheels Pro hub comes standard. DT Swiss hubs are also available.

The front and rear Pro hubs are made of 7075 aluminum alloy, the lightweight freebody features a ratchet system with 36 teeth.

The front and rear hubs use Taiwanese TPI bearings.

Elitewheels 29ER PRO28 Spokes

Elitewheels 29ER PRO28 Spokes


Sapim CX-Ray spokes come standard. We take precautions to ensure that spoke windup is minimized so wheels don’t go out of true. After the initial truing, the wheel is sideloaded. This process is repeated again. The wheels are sideloaded a total of 16 times. We see this as an essential quality control standard. As a result, our wheels are guaranteed to stay within 0.2mm of true.

upgrade extra

Extra Accessories
$1.00 – $125.00

Upgrade Hubs

Upgrade Hubs
$260.00 – $400.00

Elitewheels 27.5er Pro28

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